This Is When You Should Give Up On Network Marketing

I know this is a dumb question, but I’m going to ask it anyway. Have you ever felt like giving up on your network marketing business, completely? If you said no, then you were never in the game to begin with. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been ready to throw in the towel. You’ve probably had some major influencers to help you feel this way, didn’t you? Everyone from your spouse to your parents to your so-called friends planted a seed in your head to just give up.

Here’s a clue of when to stop completely: When You Give Up On Yourself. This is truly the only way you lose in this industry, and I’m not talking about losing financially. The type of loss I’m referring to is the loss of belief. People that have no belief in their ability to learn and do network marketing simply lose out.

It is extremely important to plug in to personal growth and self development. The books you read, the people you associate with and the audios that you listen to will determine who you will become and your success or failure in life. This is not just a cliche’ it’s true. Just take a look at the people that you hang around…….

Another thing you should do is to get a coach who has the success that you are seeking. Athelets have coaches, professional speakers have coaches, so having a coach in your network marketing business is no different. The network marketing industry is no more than a personal development course disguised as a business with a compensation plan attached to it.

Hang on to your towel!

Andre’ Page

PS. I highly recommend this 7-video series course for newbies or seasoned network marketers.


The Study Long Study Wrong Effect

When I was in college, my friends and I spent a lot of time playing the game of Spades. I wish I could say my partner and I were unstoppable, but that wasn’t the case. We were pretty good, but we had a few buddies that would always seem to mop everyone up. Sometimes when our opponent would take a long time to throw out a card my partner and I would taunt the procrastinator and say, “study long, study wrong.” Meaning if they took too long to make a decision, it could cost them a hand or even the game.

The same is true when making a decision in network marketing. Many times you’ll get people that are interested in your business but when the time comes to “pull the trigger” they have to think about it. No one is immune to the “I have to think about it” response. Study long, study wrong. The longer they think about it, the less likely they will join you in your business. However, this is not always true, there are exceptions, but the majority of the time the person does not join. Or there may be a scenario where the person does join, but by the time they do join, several hundred or several thousand people join before them. A prime example of the study long, study wrong effect. Had that person taken action initially, they could have benefited by having those several hundred or several thousand people in his or her group.

So the next time you’re given the opportunity to join a business be sure that you’re not a victim of the study long, study wrong effect.

Andre’ Page

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Let’s Start A Network Marketing Business

“Are you down? This is going to be a huge undertaking, wouldn’t you agree? But the reward at the other end is enormous. C’mon we can do it, right? One of the main things we’re going to need is a trump tight compensation plan. Shoot me some ideas.”


Adopt The “Act As If” Attitude

One of my favorite movies is “Boiler Room” with Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Nia Long and Ben Affleck. I was amazed at how these young guys were closing sales on stock trades, etc. There was one part in the movie when Ben Affleck was coaching the new trainees on how they should think and act when they were on the phone with a lead. I was going to share it with you directly on this blog post, but I came across an even more powerful video instead but here’s the Boiler Room clipanyway.

Act As If! Those three words are so powerful when it comes to mindset and also true in the industry of network marketing. The majority of network and internet marketers don’t think that they have something of value to offer their prospects and customers. But it’s very important to Act As If even if you don’t have the success yet, still Act As If. Act As If you have the largest organization in your company. Act As If you are the leader that you want to become. The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between fact and fiction, so train yourself to Act As If.

One book that I highly recommend is The Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz. Inside he talks about the number one reason why people are either successful or unsuccessful and it all boils down to their thinking. The only limitations that exist are the ones that people place on themselves. It takes just as much energy to think small as it does to think big, so choose the latter.

Act As If!

Andre’ Page

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P.S. Another book that I highly recommended, which is actually free for a limited time, is Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. It’s been referred to as the number one success book of all time.

Five Things To Consider Before You Quit Your Job To Go Full Time In MLM

Why do people join network marketing companies? Is it for the product, the people, the company or the money? People get involved in network marketing to get P-A-I-D! Don’t let anyone fool you. Of course those other reasons are important too, but 99.99% of the people get involved for the money. And going full time in network marketing is a dream come true for the masses. Forbes magazine says that 87% of employees go to a job that they hate and most college graduates are not working in a field that they majored in anyway, so having your freedom and your time in network marketing is pure LOVE!

However, there are some things to consider before you jump ship and throw all of your chips in when going full time in MLM. There are several reasons, but for the sake of keeping this article short and sweet, here are five:

1. Mindset. Now you know I had to start off with mindset. It’s very hard to break away from the security of having a job. I mean the set up is sort of nice, right? There’s a steady paycheck and health benefits. But understand, that entrepreneurs are looking for freedom while employees look for security. Robert Kiyosaki put it best in his book Before You Quit Your Job, the people with security are in jail, that’s why they call it maximum security.

2. Set Money Aside. Once you’re in a position where you can leave your job, be sure that you have some money put aside. In network marketing, your commissions can fluctuate, so you’ll want to have funds set aside to cover your household expenses. I recommend joining affiliate programs and marketing their products to help offset some of your expenses.

3. Health Insurance. A few days ago a buddy of mine posted on his facebook page asking for suggestions on health insurance companies for entrepreneurs. Again, this is crucial because you have moved from an employer paid insurance to self-insurance so be sure to do your homework because there are some very good plans for the self-employed.

4. Revise Your Plan. Your schedule will now change now that you’re a full time network marketer. When you were part time, you could only do so much during the day because most of your time was spent at the J.O.B. (just over broke….for you newbies reading this). Your plan should look like a college syllabus with a time schedule and tasks.

5. Freakish Focus. This is an extension of #4. You have to have laser beam focus now that you’re in it to win it full time. It’s sort of like taking a class online. I remember taking some college courses on the Internet and because I wasn’t in the classroom I had to be very disciplined and do the coursework. Same is true here.

These are just five things but there are certainly more. So consider these factors when thinking about doing your network marketing business full time. This is truly an amazing and exciting time in your life and to have your time and freedom to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want is priceless.

Go for it!

Andre’ Page

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Network Marketers And The Little League World Series

Baseball was one of my passions growing up as a kid in the Cleveland, OH area. And when I get the opportunity I still play softball to stay active. A few days ago I was watching the Little League World Series as Hawaii and New Jersey competed to move on in the tournament. It was a very good defensive game with Hawaii winning 3-1.

As I watched these 12 year olds throw 70mph fast balls I noticed that the batters were connecting with the ball, even if it was a foul ball, they were still connecting. They were making some incredible plays throughout the game, but I was still amazed at how well these kids were hitting.

The point of this article is that, while the boys were making contact with the ball during the game, it reminded me of what a lot of people in network marketing do, or should I say don’t do and that is to connect with people. Everyone communicates but only a few connect. Often times people in our industry (or in life for that matter) want to get their message across, but they lack listening skills. Being genuine with others is a big part of building relationships, whether it be with your prospects, team members, kids, spouses, co-workers , etc.

I’m currently reading a book by John C. Maxwell called Everyone Communicates Few Connect. And in his book he points out that understanding that your focus must be on others is often the greatest hurdle people face in connecting with others. You must be able to communicate with the attitude of selflessness. And you do this by answering these three questions that people always ask themselves when interacting with others:

1. Do You Care For Me? Mutual concern creates connection between people. So if you can learn to care about others, you can connect with them
2. Can You Help Me? Ask yourself what benefits can you offer someone. There’s an old saying in sales: “nobody wants to be sold, but everyone wants to be helped.”
3. Can I Trust You? Trust is vital in business and in life. Author Jeffrey Gitomer said that trust is even more important than love. Now that’s deep:-)

So the next time you’re talking with you prospects make sure you are connecting with them and not just talking to them to get your point across. People can smell this like dogs smell fear.

Happy Connecting!

Andre’ Page

PS. If You’re Struggling In Your Network Marketing Business, It’s Because Your Upline Has Never Taught You These Strategies

We Don’t Buy Houses Anymore, We Buy Gold!

That’s right folks. How many of the “We Buy Houses” signs have you seen lately? Remember a few years ago that’s all you saw. They were on the billboards, benches at the bus stops and even the little metal yard signs that went into the ground.

Well there’s been a shift in the economy, BIG TIME. We’ve seen what the housing market has done. People are losing jobs, houses getting foreclosed and some people are simply walking away from their mortgages like a bad marriage.

Have you watched your local channels lately? (I don’t suggest that you waste your time watching TV, but for sake of this article , play along with me:) Is it me, or is everybody and their mother buying gold? There are so many We Buy Gold commercials, it’s crazy. And it was such a gradual and subtle change that not many people really noticed this trend. “Send in your gold in this security-tight plastic bag and we’ll send you cash”….sound familiar to you? Even the banks are getting on the bandwagon. Think about it, do you think that the bank or the We Buy Gold guys will give you more than the value of your gold? Of course not.

But if you have cable, turn to CNN, CNBC, or MSNBC and what are they telling you to do? Exactly, purchase gold and silver. Interesting. Remember the Arsenial Hall Show? Something to make you go, “HMMMMMMM.” The higher end channels are telling you to acquire gold and silver, while the lower end channels are telling you to liquidate your gold.

At the time of this article, the value of gold is at $1,231 an ounce while the spot price of silver is $18.42. So if you know that you should be buying gold and silver, then what’s the holdup? There are three ways that you can get involved in the gold and silver business:

1. Become a jeweler and open your own jewelry store (crazy overhead)
2. Become an investor in gold and silver bullion (requires a commodities brokers license and you would be giving financial advice)
3. Become a collector in the gold and silver numismatic coin industry (numismatic is a fancy term for the study of money)

The least inexpensive way to get in the game is option #3. You don’t need a license or certificate, there’s no overhead, no employees to deal with, benefits or insurance to pay. The home-based business arena is on the rise with 200,000 people starting a business each week.

If you want to capitalize off of this booming trend, I recommend that you click this link for more details.

Live your life like it’s Golden,

Andre’ Page

4 Major Things That Every Network Marketer Needs To Succeed

Do you know what the secret is? Everyone wants that magic bullet on what it takes to be successful in the industry of network marketing. My mentor and business partner, Larry Beacham, interviewed an industry legend, Matt DiMaio on this very subject. Listen closely as Matt reveals what it truly takes to succeed at network marketing……his answer may surprise you.

For the full story, be sure you register for a live teleconference on Wednesday, July 21st.

See you then!

Andre’ Page

PS. Find Out Her Story: 10,187 Distributors In 10 Months And Counting

“Customer Service? I’d Like To Cancel My Monthly Autoship”

WTH? Why would anyone want to cancel their autoship? Believe it or not, if a new rep or distributor has not gotten a commission check within 67 days, you can say buh-bye to that volume on your team because they are calling customer service and canceling their autoship and possibly their distributorship. Believe it or not approximately 87% of new network marketers cancel their autoship because it becomes a bill to them if they’re not making any money.

Here are the three main reasons that reps cancel their autoship:

#1. They simply can’t afford it. For the average household, a $200-$300 autoship is just not feasible for them.

#2. They have a whole pile of product in their closet or their garage, stacked to the ceiling. They’ve literally run out of space to place any more boxes of product.

#3. The final reason is that they simply don’t want it. Whether it be a juice, makeup, pill, lotion or potion, when it’s time to cut family expenses, autoship is the first thing that gets axed. Who knows, the product might not even be working for them, especially wellness products becuase they work on different people in different ways.

Now imagine if your autoship product was REAL MONEY! Did you even know that that was even an option? By far, this has been the best product on autoship that I have ever seen in my five plus years in the network marketing industry.

Didn’t we all join network marketing to make money? What if you were a rep inside of a company where the product was money? What if every single month the UPS driver delivered MONEY to your home? You’d probably cut the volume down on the TV just so you could listen out for the engine on their trucks….lol. Now imagine that the product is GOLD & SILVER!

Now picture yourself a part of this company……who in their right mind would consider canceling their autoship? Watch the video below as my coach and mentor, Cedrick Harris, cancels his autoship of gold and silver.


Andre’ Page
Skype: page1906

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Adopt A Bum’s Work Ethic In Your Network Marketing Business

I think that we as network marketers and internet marketers can learn a lot from a bum. Now I know that work ethic and bum don’t really go hand-in-hand, but it actually does. Let me explain….

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