The Real Truth Behind Pro Blog Academy

If you haven’t heard the buzz by now about the Pro Blog Academy, then let me remove that rock that you’re sleeping under so I can tell you what it’s really all about.

The Pro Blog Academy was created by Ray Higdon.  Now if you don’t know who Ray is, then I encourage you to Google him…..I guarantee he’ll be at the top of the list.  A well respected entrepreneur in the home-based business industry, Ray decided to put this academy together to assist those people that have businesses better capture their niche market.  Ray states, “I wish there was a blog course when I started.  I had to learn by trial and error.”

Who Is This Really For?

  • People that are strapped for time
  • People that want to generate additional income
  • People that suffer from information overload and would like a simple system to follow
  • People that are internet and/or network marketers
  • People that own a business and want to better brand themselves
  • People that are talking to unqualified leads

What’s Inside the Pro Blog Academy?

You’ll receive four incredible core modules

  • Module 1 – The module will help you identify your target market and set up your blog.  Check out some of the testimonials people have made =>Pro Blog Academy Testimonials
  • Module 2 – Content is the name of the game and when you know what to talk about, it becomes fun!  Here we will help you come up with content even if you’re not the creative type.
  • Module 3 – Ever been in a traffic jam?  If not, your blog will experience one after going through this module.  Watch over Ray’s shoulder as he shows you how he drives traffic to his blog.
  • Module 4 – Here we teach you how to convert the leads from your traffic jam into sales and team members.  Your team will thank you for it and so will your bank account! Check out the testimonials…..

Live Coaching Calls!

When you invest in the Pro Blog Academy, you will have access to four live webinar sessions where you can ask Ray the burning questions that you have about blogging.

And if you cannot attend the live sessions, don’t worry because you will be able download all four recordings.  On top of that, when you get the system, you’ll receive four Q&A sessions that have already been recorded.

Your Very Own Digital Library

This entire blog course has been converted into .mp3 for you to download.  And it has also been transcribed, so now you can listen to it or have a hard copy and this way you get to keep it “forever, forevah-evah? forevah-evah!” (just my little Outkast tribute:-)

Pro Blog Mastermind Group

How does LIFETIME access to the members only mastermind group sound?  I thought you’d say that:-)  Here you can feel free to post your questions and get answers from other members in the group!  This by itself is worth getting the course.

Marketing Swipe File

These swipe files include a ton of resources for your blog.  Ray has studied blogging inside and out, so this nugget of information is very valuable.

Fresh Out The Oven Lead Magnets

One of the best ways to get quality leads is through free offers and giveaways.  Here, you will receive 7 free video giveaways that anyone can use and you will learn how to implement this also!

How to Generate Sales Using Email

Receive “Email Riches,” a recording done by Ray.  Watch as he types out his emails and balances value and sales in a way that those on his email list aren’t turned off.  Can you say “gamechanger?”

100% Risk Free Investment

This system is so powerful, that there’s a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with this course within 30 days, simply request your money back, no questions asked…..and good luck to you!

Video Overview of Pro Blog Academy

How to Buy the Pro Blog Academy

This is the easy part!  Realize that this course as well as the bonuses are about $5,000.  But you can go ahead and put your eyes back in your head because you’re not even going to pay anything near that.  You’re going to get a phenomenal price on the entire course and because of that you will have peace of mind knowing that such a system does exists for blogging.

Click here to invest in yourself and get your admission to the Pro Blog Academy and we’ll see you in the mastermind!

Happy Blogging!

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