What Is It Gonna Take For You To Move Your A**?

Ever find yourself asking this question. “What is it gonna take for me to move my ass into gear?” It could be as simple as going to the gym, making that next prospecting call, mentoring that kid, kicking a smoking habit or buying a new mountain bike. I don’t care what it is, the point is that the world is full of procrastinator.

Then you have to ask yourself how did this all come about. Most have been doing it for so long that they don’t know what it feels like to be proactive. Maybe it started in school or something. You know, working on class projects and doing term papers and such.

There’s something in life called a defining moment, an experience that will change your life forever. It could be a company event that you attend where Les Brown is the keynote speaker, it could be a PBS special with Dr. Wayne Dyer, or a book you read by Iyanla Vanzant, it could be ANYTHING! It could actually be a tragic event that’s happened in your life where you lost a loved one. Regardless of what it is, everyone either has or will have a defining moment. And if you haven’t, as my Pastor would say, “keep living long enough……”

Question for you. Would you agree with me when I saw that the time between the roaming of the dinosaurs and the Google phenomenon was a very long time. I mean a very, very, very long time. You’d agree, right? Now wouldn’t you also agree that when you take a vacation it is a very short time? During your vacation you try to get in as much fun as possible, right? Because you know it will be over soon.

Ok now here’s a different twist. Compare the time between the human life span and the example of the dinosaur. The life span of a human is similar to a vacation and we all know how short vacations are, right? Well so is life. Why treat life any differently than a vacation?

This is the reason that you need to move your ass! Tomorrow is not promised and you don’t know how much time you have left to do what you’ve been putting off for the past week, month, or year.

I challenge each of you to do something that you’ve been putting off. Post what you did that you’ve been putting off by Friday, April 15, 2011 (today is Tuesday, April 7, 2011). So I’m giving you a week and a half. I’d be interested to know what it is that you accomplished. Of course this is voluntary, you don’t have to play if you don’t want to. It’s totally up to you. Besides, it’s your life anyway, right?

Now move your ass! 🙂

Andre’ Page


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