Introducing Your Virtual Employee

Ever wish you had someone to help you with your administrative duties? Like e-mailing your leads, calling them for you or even making labels for you if you are into direct mail marketing?

Well wish no more. Let me introduce you to Lead Net Pro. This is a web-based software will get you leads RIGHT NOW! This 5-in-1 tool to help you generate targeted leads from search engines like Google and Yahoo. Here’s the 5 things Lead Net Pro can do:

1. Extract targeted leads RIGHT NOW for your specific business!
2. E-mail those leads
3. Phone broadcaster feature
4. Create labels for your leads for direct mail pieces
5. Lead generation platform

Here are just a few ideas of how you can use Lead Net Pro:

  • Use this tool to help your downline reach new levels by sharing these leads with them
  • Run a campaign for local businesses in your area
  • This is literally like having your own virtual employee. It’s never late, never calls off sick, never takes a vacation, etc. I think you get the picture:-) So in essence the possibilities are endless with this tool. Not only can you pull 1,000 plus leads in 10 seconds, you can do this over and over again.

    Tonight, Nov 24th, at 7:00pm EST you can watch a live demonstration, just register here. If you cannot make the live demo, go here to get more details to see a 4 minute demonstration.

    Happy lead gathering!

    Andre’ Page

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