Let’s Start A Network Marketing Business

“Are you down? This is going to be a huge undertaking, wouldn’t you agree? But the reward at the other end is enormous. C’mon we can do it, right? One of the main things we’re going to need is a trump tight compensation plan. Shoot me some ideas.”

LMBO!!! I thought I’d have a little fun with this article

Have you ever wondered who was behind developing your company’s compensation plan? I’d venture to say that you probably have not. You just saw the MONEY that could be made and you were hooked like most people. I know that’s how I looked at past companies. Do you think your company founders came up with the comp plan structure? What about the top reps in the company? Do you think they had a say on what the structure should look like? If you answered yes…….survey says, “BUZZZZZ!” The vast majority of network marketing companies use an outside source to develop their compensation plans, the back-office, the shopping cart integration, replicated websites, etc.

International Direct Selling Technology Corporation (IDSTC) was founded in 2001 by Chris Kent and Ian Cordell, two of the three co-founders of Numis Network. This software development company is responsible for creating compensation plans for over 400 network marketing companies to date, some of which you would recognize and they still service close to 150 existing companies. IDSTC has seen every type of compensation structure known to man (and woman), such as uni-levels plans, binary, coded bonuses, matrix plans, etc., so wouldn’t you agree that they would save the best plan for their own network marketing company? I’d venture to say that these guys know what they’re doing when it comes to comp plans, kind of hard to deny the facts.

Andre’ Page

P.S. Numis Network Is Giving You The Opportunity To Join Them In Business For $75 Until October 31, 2010. You Can Watch A Brief Overview For More Details.

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  1. Thanks for the post Andre, I would say that anyone who is responsible for creating compensation plans for 400 companies, definately knows what they’re doing! Great post!

  2. Awesome article Andre! And I do agree, if these gentleman created plans for 400+ companies, they would and DID save the best for their own company!

  3. You are SO right. So many people don’t even think about the compensation plan. I know I didn’t! It makes sense to do business with the people who created the plan to begin with!


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