Five Things To Consider Before You Quit Your Job To Go Full Time In MLM

Why do people join network marketing companies? Is it for the product, the people, the company or the money? People get involved in network marketing to get P-A-I-D! Don’t let anyone fool you. Of course those other reasons are important too, but 99.99% of the people get involved for the money. And going full time in network marketing is a dream come true for the masses. Forbes magazine says that 87% of employees go to a job that they hate and most college graduates are not working in a field that they majored in anyway, so having your freedom and your time in network marketing is pure LOVE!

However, there are some things to consider before you jump ship and throw all of your chips in when going full time in MLM. There are several reasons, but for the sake of keeping this article short and sweet, here are five:

1. Mindset. Now you know I had to start off with mindset. It’s very hard to break away from the security of having a job. I mean the set up is sort of nice, right? There’s a steady paycheck and health benefits. But understand, that entrepreneurs are looking for freedom while employees look for security. Robert Kiyosaki put it best in his book Before You Quit Your Job, the people with security are in jail, that’s why they call it maximum security.

2. Set Money Aside. Once you’re in a position where you can leave your job, be sure that you have some money put aside. In network marketing, your commissions can fluctuate, so you’ll want to have funds set aside to cover your household expenses. I recommend joining affiliate programs and marketing their products to help offset some of your expenses.

3. Health Insurance. A few days ago a buddy of mine posted on his facebook page asking for suggestions on health insurance companies for entrepreneurs. Again, this is crucial because you have moved from an employer paid insurance to self-insurance so be sure to do your homework because there are some very good plans for the self-employed.

4. Revise Your Plan. Your schedule will now change now that you’re a full time network marketer. When you were part time, you could only do so much during the day because most of your time was spent at the J.O.B. (just over broke….for you newbies reading this). Your plan should look like a college syllabus with a time schedule and tasks.

5. Freakish Focus. This is an extension of #4. You have to have laser beam focus now that you’re in it to win it full time. It’s sort of like taking a class online. I remember taking some college courses on the Internet and because I wasn’t in the classroom I had to be very disciplined and do the coursework. Same is true here.

These are just five things but there are certainly more. So consider these factors when thinking about doing your network marketing business full time. This is truly an amazing and exciting time in your life and to have your time and freedom to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want is priceless.

Go for it!

Andre’ Page

PS. If You’re Struggling In Your Network Marketing Business, It’s Because Your Upline Has Never Taught You These Strategies

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  1. Hi Andre,

    Great stuff! My favorite is the last one – freakish focus. Some people call it laser focus, some say be totally focused; whatever it’s called, you gotta have it. Have the plan, be focused, work the plan. Awesome, thanks for sharing.



    • Hey Alan, thanks for the comment. I got freakish focus from one of my mentors….lol. I sorta like it.

      Thanks again!

  2. Hi Andre. Good post! You are right, Mindset and a strong “Why” are defenitely at the top of the list.
    Looking forward to your next post.

  3. Hey Andre! I love the title of your blog…

    This an excellent post you’ve written, I think often people are too quick to jump into full time, without having the plan of action ready to make them a success.

    I look forward to more great posts from you!

    Rachael Macgregor

    • Thank you much Rachel. Yes, having that plan is a must! I had a buddy go FT in his opportunity just to find himself going back to work.

      Thanks again!


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