Network Marketers And The Little League World Series

Baseball was one of my passions growing up as a kid in the Cleveland, OH area. And when I get the opportunity I still play softball to stay active. A few days ago I was watching the Little League World Series as Hawaii and New Jersey competed to move on in the tournament. It was a very good defensive game with Hawaii winning 3-1.

As I watched these 12 year olds throw 70mph fast balls I noticed that the batters were connecting with the ball, even if it was a foul ball, they were still connecting. They were making some incredible plays throughout the game, but I was still amazed at how well these kids were hitting.

The point of this article is that, while the boys were making contact with the ball during the game, it reminded me of what a lot of people in network marketing do, or should I say don’t do and that is to connect with people. Everyone communicates but only a few connect. Often times people in our industry (or in life for that matter) want to get their message across, but they lack listening skills. Being genuine with others is a big part of building relationships, whether it be with your prospects, team members, kids, spouses, co-workers , etc.

I’m currently reading a book by John C. Maxwell called Everyone Communicates Few Connect. And in his book he points out that understanding that your focus must be on others is often the greatest hurdle people face in connecting with others. You must be able to communicate with the attitude of selflessness. And you do this by answering these three questions that people always ask themselves when interacting with others:

1. Do You Care For Me? Mutual concern creates connection between people. So if you can learn to care about others, you can connect with them
2. Can You Help Me? Ask yourself what benefits can you offer someone. There’s an old saying in sales: “nobody wants to be sold, but everyone wants to be helped.”
3. Can I Trust You? Trust is vital in business and in life. Author Jeffrey Gitomer said that trust is even more important than love. Now that’s deep:-)

So the next time you’re talking with you prospects make sure you are connecting with them and not just talking to them to get your point across. People can smell this like dogs smell fear.

Happy Connecting!

Andre’ Page

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  1. Hi Andre,

    I love analogies and this is a good one. If you’re totally focused on giving your presentation, you’re going to completely miss what’s going on on the other side of the conversation; and that is where the money is.

    Great post,



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