Don’t Know How You’ll Win The Atlantis Trip?

I was talking to my personal sponsor this morning and he turned me on to a unique marketing strategy that is getting him leads out of the wazoo! It’s called Post-It Note Marketing. Below I laid out the plan for you to follow. Be sure to leave a comment below. I’m curious to know how much success you’re having.

This unique marketing strategy is designed to get you several leads per month. You will need to purchase a 4-line ink stamp and standard size post it notes 3”x3”. Stamper will run you approximately $25-$30.
Here is what your stamp should read:
Part-Time Work
$750 – $1,500/mo.
Flexible Schedule – Will Train
(Your phone number)

Place your post it notes in high traffic areas such as gas pumps, ATMs, drive thru windows, car washes, etc. When you start receiving phone calls, you want to ask them 5 questions. These questions are designed to get a feel for the person. Here’s the dialogue:

I have a five questions to ask you to see if you qualify for what we’re looking for to see if this is a fit for you. And if so, I’ll give you the details, is that OK with you?
1. Are you currently employed? What do you do? If they’re not employed find out why? Have you ever been in the position to hire and/or fire anyone? (with this question you want to get a feel for the person to see if they are someone you want to work with. Look at attitude, etc.)

2. So what type of work are you looking for? (this gives you an idea of the type of person you’re dealing with)

3. Have you ever been or ever considered being self employed? If yes, why? If no, why?

4. Have you ever owned or thought about owned your own business? Yes, why; no why?

5. There are elements that involve selling. However, there is no telemarketing or door-to-door selling, but we do present information. Are you comfortable with being trained on how to present information?

Based upon your answers, you qualify for what we have to offer. Let me tell you about what we do.
My company is in the gold and silver industry. We market gold and silver coins, so our product is money. My company is 1 yr old and based out of Tampa, FL. I run one of the fastest growing offices in (insert your city). I’m looking for people to do one of two things:
1. Acquire more customers
2. Open more offices

You’ve probably seen all of the information about gold and silver, like those we buy gold commercials, etc. This is why we’re growing so fast.

Now we will train you, so you don’t have to have prior experience. We do require that you work well with people because this is a people business. Does this sound like you? If yes, continue.

What I’d like to do is schedule an overview with you to show you our company and how we get paid.

1. You can give them your with the 8 min video. Let them know you’ll call them back in 15 minutes and ask them this: “based on what you saw, would you like to go further?” If yes, give them the 30 minute numis presentation and call them back in one hour.

Now here is where you have to have posture. If they cannot watch it right away, pin down a time that they can. Let them know that they cannot reschedule another time once they give you a time that they will watch it. Let them know that you have too many people to get back with and you only want to deal with people that can follow through with simple direction.

After they watch the Numis presentation, ask these 3 questions when you talk with them:
a) What did you like best about what you saw?
b) Do you have any specific questions?
c) Can you see yourself making money with this company? If they say yes, have them log on to your and walk them through the enrollment process.

2. Schedule an overview with the Numis DVD (face-to-face). Let them know that before you give them the DVD, that you need to get their information so you can coordinate a time to get the DVD back from them (usually within 24-48 hours). Again have posture and have them commit to a time that they can watch the DVD.

• Talk to 50 people per week (regardless if they qualify or not, just speak with 50 people per week)
• Target high traffic areas
• Shoot for 20% of the people that qualify (10 people per week or 40 per month)
• Enroll 4-6 people per month

Have fun with this strategy. It’s a very cool way to generate leads for your business!

Andre’ Page

P.S. Why Are So Many Millionaires Using This System?

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