Adopt A Bum’s Work Ethic In Your Network Marketing Business

I think that we as network marketers and internet marketers can learn a lot from a bum. Now I know that work ethic and bum don’t really go hand-in-hand, but it actually does. Let me explain….

Have you ever been downtown and was stopped by a bum that asked you for some spare change? Or you may see one standing near a traffic light of a shopping center holding a sign that reads, “WILL WORK FOR FOOD?” (I’m sure you gave them some money, right….well maybe not all of the time). The majority of the time people will bypass them or ignore them. Have you ever seen a bum stop asking folks for money or go sit on the curb and sulk? They go on to the next person, don’t they? You know why? It’s because they are hungry and their goal is to accumulate money so they don’t starve.

Now let’s look at your work ethic in your network marketing business. You talk to your family members and friends about your business opportunity and they tell you no or not interested! Is your work ethic strong enough like the bum asking people for money? Or do you go days and weeks without talking to someone about your business? Are you hungry enough to go for NO? That’s right, go for a NO response. This does two things: 1. it gets you in the habit of talking to people about your business or asking if there’s interest in a money making opportunity and 2. the more NOs you go through, the closer you are to a YES.

So the next time you’re out and you see a bum asking for money, pay close attention to his/her work ethic. I can assure you he doesn’t stop at just one person and neither should you!

To Your Success!
Andre’ Page

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  1. very nice and informative details i have found on this page, well keep it up and best of luck

  2. Good advice! I just had this happen the other day. While I was putting my drop cards in the newspaper of all times. I was so heated because I thought he wanted a newspaper.

  3. I just had this happen to me while I was doing drop cards of all times. Messed up my flow I thought he wanted a newspaper. Good advice persistence is key.

  4. Hey Andre!

    Wonderful concept 🙂 Very entertaining as well. This is so true…its funny how we can learn things in so many different places. Thanks for sharing!


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