How To Take MLM Spam And Junk Mail Messages And Turn Them Into A Tidal Wave Of New Reps For Your Business

Embrace spamNo, not that type of spam, but you get my point right:-) Here’s a great article that was written by a good friend of mine. The reason I liked this article is because it’s a unique strategy that most marketers would never think about. The author of this article, Larry Beacham, has over 15 years of network marketing experience and is a master internet marketer. He has helped over 1,000 people build their network marketing businesses and he hosts a live weekly webinar that gives a lot of value to MLMers in any company. Here’s Larry’s article:

Did you delete a gigantic amount of MLM spam messages today (like I did) from idiots trying to shove their business down your throat? In this article, I’m going to tell you how I flip this Tsunami of junk mail into a cash cow for myself, and how you can, too.

1. Read it – I know that sounds ridiculous and a huge time waster, but there might be a nugget of gold in there for you. Believe it or not, the problem isn’t WHAT they are marketing; it’s HOW they are marketing. So, while everyone else is irritated and mad about it and blindly delete it, do the opposite. Quickly skim through it to see if there’s some value in there.

2. Glean the value – Some of this junk mail has videos, free downloads, ebooks, etc. that you can use as leverage to establish YOUR OWN VALUE. I have a book called Psychological Triggers that has done wonders for my understanding of how to get people to take action. Guess where I discovered that book?

3. Repackage it – Did you know that some of the world’s leading brands were once poorly packaged and couldn’t sell very much of their goods? It wasn’t until someone who was smart enough to understand color scheme, wording, layout and a host of other things came along and “fixed” what was wrong. Packaging DOES matter. If you look at certain brands in the U.S. and then look at how they are packaged in other countries, you’ll better understand what I mean. Simply put, if you know how your audience likes to take in information, then repackage that value and distribute it.

4. SELL VALUE – You may be struggling to get people to look at your opportunity, and the main reason is because you’re selling the wrong thing. For example, if you put out a message that says, “Tonight at 8pm, I’m going to be talking about Pre-Paid Legal (assuming this is your company) and how you can make money. Register here:,” ABSOLUTELY NOBODY WILL SHOW UP!!! It doesn’t matter the company; if you push this approach, expect to have a lot of empty “seats.” Now, if you were to take that information that you received from the spam message, repackage it and sell the VALUE OF IT, here’s how that would look: “Tonight at 8pm, I’m going to be demonstrating a new software program that locates top income earners from fallen MLM companies looking for a new company.” You’ll have 150 people show up. Why? Anyone with half a brain would want to find and locate PROVEN TOP PRODUCERS for their opportunity and this is a unique training with awesome potential. Now you have 150 hungry people at your webinar gleaning the value of that spam. Cool right?

If you’re a savvy network marketer, with an audience of 150 people who have just fallen in love with your value, you would be smart to transition to your opportunity. So, here’s how this could sound: “Thank you all for coming to this training on how to find top producers from fallen MLM opportunities. If you’re involved in a company that you’re 100% sold out to and not looking, you can go ahead and leave. For those of you who would like some additional value, I’ll be sharing my recommendation on a company that gives you the best chance to pull the most reps with this new technique.” Here’s what’s funny about doing this – usually less than 10% will leave! The power of curiosity is something to be reckoned with. When was the last time you had nearly 100 prospects in front of your opportunity? You can send a “thank you” message to the spammer for giving you the necessary tools to get them there. Open your mind to the possibilities of spam – it could mean 10 new reps per month!

Hope this information was helpful to you!

Andre’ Page

Bonus Video: How To Create A Killer Hybrid Online/Offline Marketing Strategy

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