Buyer’s Remorse Isn’t Limited To The Mall

Ever been to the mall and spent a lot of money on clothes? What about the purchase of a big ticket item like a car? Have you purchased a high-priced airline ticket? Whatever it was that you bought, did you feel any remorse afterwards? You may have even taken that purchase back after the guilt kicked in.

Well joining a network marketing company is no different. Picture you and your prospect at your business opportunity meeting and he or she is excited about what they just saw and heard. You sign them up in the company and you and your upline do a brief training with them. They go home all pumped up and excited and then the next day here’s what happens……

Nope, they don’t call you up, you call them and get their voicemail. Then you email them because you can’t reach them on the phone. So a day goes by without you talking to your new business partner. Day two rolls around and you try to call them up again and the same thing that happened on day one, happens on day two. Now we’re at day number three, once again no contact. So you go to your company’s back office and you notice that that new rep that you signed up the other night has canceled their distributorship. Say it with me….. “WTH?”

Now a number of things could have happened: their significant other could have talked them out of it or maybe they tried to explain it to their friends (if they were quick start trained properly, this wouldn’t have happened). For the sake of this article, let’s say the person simply had buyers remorse. So you finally get in touch with that “former” rep and they tell you that they changed their mind (wow, there’s a news flash). They’ve got too much going on, they have too much credit card debt, they don’t want to take on too much more, they’re too busy. Any of these sound familiar?

Understand that buyer’s remorse comes with the territory, so what do you do? Well the one thing you don’t want to do is to convince folks to stay because when you do, then you’ll have to convince them to get on conference calls, attend events, register for webinars, etc. You may as well work at a daycare if that’s the case.

The thing that you do want to have is more leads than you have time. This is how you overcome this. So when something like this occurs, you have others leads in your pipeline that you can talk to about your business opportunity. Most network marketers do not have a system that allows for free leads, which is one of the main reasons why the bail out if they don’t earn a check in a few months. The average network marketer has a 63-day window to generate a check. After that, they’re gone…

So don’t get discouraged when buyer’s remorse sets in with your new rep. My suggestion to you is to K.I.M. Keep It Moving!

Andre’ Page

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