Breaking Up Is Hard To Do – Transitioning To A New Company

If you’ve never done this before, don’t worry it’s coming. That is if you have sold out to network marketing. I’m not referring to those that “stick their toe in it.” If you’ve experienced transitioning to a new company before, then you know how difficult it can be (for some). Many people get emotionally attached to the company, the product, the leadership, etc. ….trust me, I can relate. But what makes us move in the first place? Well I’ve found three reasons for “the breakup” and hope that it will help you should you get ready to cross that bridge.

  • Out of Business. Well reason #1 is an obvious one and a no-brainer, the company folds. That’s right, not too many companies are immune to the realization of this. You have leadership (or so you thought) that often times has themselves in mind and not the distributors that represent the company. This is why it’s so important to do your due diligence about a company and even the top leaders (reps) within that company.

  • But It’s A Ground-Floor Company. This is a good one here. Currently there are over 4,800 network marketing companies in the industry and over 40% of them are in the health and wellness industry. That’s mainly because people are more health conscious now than they were years ago. If you’re a 70s/80s baby, you know darn well McDonalds did not serve salads, now did they? Now you scratch your head trying to decide which salad you should choose. Most of the companies that pop up are in the health and wellness industry, but again, I encourage you to do your homework before joining start ups and pre-launch companies. Most startups fail within a few years, it ‘s just a fact. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with them because all companies started at one point, right?

  • Follow The Leader. This, in my opinion, is the #1 reason that people change network marketing companies, PERIOD! Why do you think that so many people have jumped on the bandwagon with the Trump Network? Because of Donald Trump, right (I’m not endorsing his company, just an example:-). They associate “The Don” with success. I was involved with a group that within a year it was the fastest growing team in the company and today, I’ve aligned myself yet again with a team that’s the fastest growing team within it’s company. So I say that to say that people follow people, not companies. This is really HUGE because when you can brand yourself, you can basically write your own ticket and you will have an enormous following. Don’t believe me, just ask Oprah!

    I’m sure there are other reasons like the company changed management, the comp plan was modified, it changed it’s structure from a multilevel marketing company to a direct sales company. But I feel that the top three that I explained above are pretty important. So treat the idea of moving to another company like a school, you have to do your research!

    Andre’ Page
    Wealth Navigators

    P.S. If you’re tired of buying leads, making cold calls, spending more money than you’re bringing in, I highly encourage this free 7 Day Boot Camp Video.

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    1. Hey Andre,
      I like the pics and you write great articles. Now that your doing some research on another mlm be sure to consider MonaVie. You mentioned the health and wellness field and it is on the top of the chart of the Top 500 List of mlm producing companies in America. $2. billion in 5 years. Besides that it’s the best in the world for you as antioxidants and taste great. Just something to think about? Thanks,

      • Hey Eddie, thanks for the accolades! I am a MonaVie consumer, so I know the benefits of drinking the juice. I think everyone should be drinking it because of the high levels of antioxidants. As a former rep for MonaVie I know that the health and wellness business is phenomenal. However, I also knew that the $131 and up autoship was a problem for many and a lot of people stacked those cases up in their pantries. Since then I’ve moved on to another venture where the product is MONEY. Each month gold and silver assets show up at my doorstep. So even if I didn’t build my business, which I am, my net worth would grow because I’m collecting assets that will appreciate in value over the years. Juice, vitamins, garments, etc. will not appreciate in value. In fact most will expire in a matter of months. So I figured if I’m going to sell and promote anything, it may as well be money, right?



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