What You Need To Know About Joining Pre-Launches

Imagine for one moment that you need to get a sizeable bank loan for a particular need, and you walk into your local branch to visit with a loan officer. You’ve never obtained credit before, so you have great confidence in knowing that there is no negative information that would prevent you from getting approved. To your disbelief, you get denied; not because of bad credit, but because of NO credit. Having no credit is as bad, if not worse, than having bad credit.

Having no track record is VERY risky and most financial institutions don’t want to take on this level of risk, and they certainly don’t want you practicing on them. However, you may find someone to fund your need, but at a very high interest rate.

Here’s the point: You need credibility and social proof in order to establish yourself as a legitimate and sound entity, otherwise anyone associated with a pre-launch or “ground floor” opportunity is nothing more than a guinea pig in a science experiment.

What is social proof? It is a combination of third party references that can point to credentials, successes, and genuine stability in a company. This type of proof only comes with time. It doesn’t matter who the founders are, the “big name” that endorses it, or even the potential of the product or service. A lack of social proof and credibility is like rolling dice in a Craps game.

Here’s a quick history lesson on the MLM/Network Marketing Industry:

  • The industry of MLM/Network Marketing is over 120 years old
  • In this same time period, there have been over 40,000 MLM/Network Marketing companies started
  • Out of the 40,000 that have been started, only 4,800 remain in the marketplace
  • Of those 4,800 companies, only 8 have managed to reach 1 billion in sales
  • The legends of the MLM industry, and those who have been able to sustain themselves long–term, offer consumable goods, rather than services, volatile goods (i.e. coins), or travel

    So approximately 1% of all network marketing companies make it.

    If you knew that a particular airline crashed 99 out of every 100 planes that took off from the airport, would you get on any of their planes?

    This is what you can expect if you’re involved in the wrong company, particularly a pre-launch or “ground floor” opportunity. Those are the FACTS.

    What if you heard about a company that, among the Fortune 500 companies highlighted in Inc. Magazine, was ranked #1, 3, and 18 in key categories, and over the 120 year history of the MLM industry is the fastest to hit $1 billion dollars? This would at least qualify as sound social proof, wouldn’t you agree?

    Here’s a good example of what quality social proof looks like: http://bit.ly/4ErAu7

    To feel good about a product, service, company or pay plan is simply not enough. Look for social proof so that when you get involved with a company, you don’t have to look back and wonder if that company will be there, or if your reputation will be tarnished. This is the path to true MLM success.

    Here’s to due diligence…..

    Anrdre’ Page

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