The Lottery Mentality

Ever dream about winning the lottery? I know I have. My wife and I watched the movie “The Secret” about three years ago and it talks about the Law of Attraction. Basically, what we think about we bring about in our lives. So we put all of our energy and feeling into winning the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes. We put it out into the universe and waited for our riches to manifest in our lives. Unless we missed PCH ring our doorbell, there was no billboard-sized check delivered to our home…..(dang)! Hey, somebody’s gotta win it.

Many people that join network marketing companies have this same lottery-winning mindset. “I’m about to make $10 g’s in 3 days.” If it were that easy, everyone would be involved, but it takes work. Network marketing is not a get-rich-quick deal. But it’s much faster than the slow way of working a job for 30-40 years and retire with a $1,000 per month pension. I’m sorry, but I didn’t sign up for that class, but back to my analogy. The average MLM lifespan of a new person getting involved is about three months and if they don’t see success quickly, they’re out the door. What if they went to college with that mentality? Or worse, they’re job.

The funny thing about network marketing is that most don’t treat it as a profession. People think it’s just one of those rah-rah parties and that they’ll just give it a shot by sticking their toe in it. As one of my mentors would say, “if you stick your toe in it, your check will be a toenail.” It’s just like any other profession. You have to get trained and “go to school” for lack of a better term. If you went to medical school for a week, do you think they’d let you cut on patients the following week? The same holds true with network marketing. You have to learn it just like you would if you were going to school to be an accountant or engineer.

Learn as much as you can about this growing profession that people are starting to take notice of after 50+ years of existence. People from all backgrounds and professions are seriously looking at the network marketing industry. Look at Donald Trump and Warren Buffett. They are both involved in this industry. As a matter of fact Mr. Buffett has bought three network marketing companies. So if these billionaires and millionaires are getting into this industry, what do you think some of us “hundredaires” and “thousandaires” should be doing? Remember success leaves clues.

So get the books, CDs, DVDs…..attend the conferences. This is your classroom education and training. One of the tools that I highly recommend is Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring Course. Mike deals with attraction marketing, a concept that is foreign to a lot of teams and MLM companies. You can download the entire course for FREE for 7 days. There is also an opportunity for you to make extra money by sharing this with your downline, upline, crossline, whomever. Click here for free access.

Just remember winning is easy, just do what others aren’t willing to do. Now go out there and play that number!

Andre’ Page

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