What You Need To Know About Joining Pre-Launches

Imagine for one moment that you need to get a sizeable bank loan for a particular need, and you walk into your local branch to visit with a loan officer. You’ve never obtained credit before, so you have great confidence in knowing that there is no negative information that would prevent you from getting approved. To your disbelief, you get denied; not because of bad credit, but because of NO credit. Having no credit is as bad, if not worse, than having bad credit.

Having no track record is VERY risky and most financial institutions don’t want to take on this level of risk, and they certainly don’t want you practicing on them. However, you may find someone to fund your need, but at a very high interest rate.

Here’s the point: You need credibility and social proof in order to establish yourself as a legitimate and sound entity, otherwise anyone associated with a pre-launch or “ground floor” opportunity is nothing more than a guinea pig in a science experiment.


The Lottery Mentality

Ever dream about winning the lottery? I know I have. My wife and I watched the movie “The Secret” about three years ago and it talks about the Law of Attraction. Basically, what we think about we bring about in our lives. So we put all of our energy and feeling into winning the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes. We put it out into the universe and waited for our riches to manifest in our lives. Unless we missed PCH ring our doorbell, there was no billboard-sized check delivered to our home…..(dang)! Hey, somebody’s gotta win it.

Many people that join network marketing companies have this same lottery-winning mindset. “I’m about to make $10 g’s in 3 days.” If it were that easy, everyone would be involved, but it takes work. Network marketing is not a get-rich-quick deal. But it’s much faster than the slow way of working a job for 30-40 years and retire with a $1,000 per month pension. I’m sorry, but I didn’t sign up for that class, but back to my analogy. The average MLM lifespan of a new person getting involved is about three months and if they don’t see success quickly, they’re out the door. What if they went to college with that mentality? Or worse, they’re job.

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