Keep 100% of Your Target Audience Engaged, Interested, and Motivated to Join You in Your Business

Can you keep a secret? I didn’t think so, neither can I. But wouldn’t you want to know the secret to getting your prospects, with credit card in hand, ready to join you in business? Most network marketers don’t think that this is possible, but the one thing that separates the haves from the have-nots is information.

One of my good friends, Larry Beacham, shared some of this information with me. The process of presenting your business with enrollment power is understanding your audience and how they are divided based on Core Attitude and Core Motivation. Let me start off with the Core Attitude. In every group there are four types of Core Attitudes

The Negative (27%): No matter what you say or do, this type of prospect will not be moved. Don’t bother wasting your time trying to convert them into a partner, it’ll never happen.

The Motivatable (60%): These are the people who are excited one day, and ready to quit the next. They are influenced and motivated by the wind blowing. Unfortunately this is the majority of people out there. Just be aware of them and don’t take it personally when they quit because it’s in their nature.

The Motivated (10%): These are the people who are strong to make decisions, get involved and may carry your business for the duration of your involvement. They are grounded in what they see and aren’t easily shaken.

The Motivators (3%): These are the people that you’re looking for. They see the opportunity, get involved, and will continue to be involved even if you quit. They see it for themselves and will weather the storm to get the job done.

Now let’s look at the four types of Core Motivation, and I like to use sea creatures to explain.

Sharks: These are the Jerry McGuires of the world, “Show me the Money.” However, this is not the motivation of all people. The mistake that we make is assuming that being involved in a business that has the potential to create great wealth is the hot button for everyone.

Dolphins: You’ll have prospects that want to get involved with something that’s entertaining and fun and if they can’t find it, you won’t be able to pull them into your business. Show them that they can expect to have fun on their way to the top.

Urchins: You will certainly come across prospects that want all of the details, and then more details, and then more on top of that. Don’t fret, this is just how they process information, which is not a bad thing.

Whales: These people are motivated by saving the world. They want to know how they can help their family and friends. If your opportunity has a mission or a cause, be sure to convey this to your prospect because it’s what motivates them.

Throughout your presentation, make sure you transition between all four areas of the core motivation of four prospects. Your communication must hit all four to keep prospects engaged and when you do this you’ll be able to pull more people into your business than you can imagine. So remember to stay away from the negative, remain even keel with the motivatables, encourage and work with the motivated and sell out to the motivators. With this knowledge, your business will take flight.

Andre’ Page

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