The Flintstones vs. The Jetsons

You’re probably wondering what does cartoons have to do with network marketing. Don’t worry folks, it’s only an analogy. But if we all know that the The Flinstones was the best, hands down:-)

But seriously let me get back to my point. We are living in the Information Age, not the Stone Age. So why do so many network marketers use the techniques of old? Simple, it’s what their upline leaders have trained them to do: make a list of family members and friends(don’t prejudge), cold calling, talking to people at the malls, etc. This is the Flinstone method trying to lure the George Jetson prospect.

Today’s consumer can see right through these techniques and they have no patience for it. So what do you do? There should be a better way to build your business, right? Abso-freakin-lutely! Today’s successful network marketers are using modern technology to bring prospects to them.

Take a look at the difference between Fred Flintstone and George Jetson network marketer:

Flintstone: Transfers the names and numbers in his cell phone to paper and acts like an amateur telemarketer calling the list of people in hopes that they’ll be interesting in the business.
Jetson: He uses emails, websites and blogs to attract a specific or targeted group of people that are already have an interest in network marketing

Flintstone: Drives to various local opportunity meetings and invites unqualified prospects to listen about their company, product, compensation plan only to find out that theyr’e not interested in the end. The biggest slap: REJECTION
Jetson: Hosts webinars, teleconferences on a website for interested prospects that they can access 24 hours a day, wisely leveraging their time.

Flintstone: Becomes an aggressive sales rep while trying to get their prospect to buy their product or sign up with them in their business.
Jetson: Acts as an advisor or consultant by offering value by giving their interested prospects a high level of information and education, which provides confidence and trust.

You want to be in the position to utilize modern marketing to build your downline, increase sales and establish credibility as an expert without using Fred and Barney’s methods.

Andre’ Page
Wealth Navigators

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  1. I agree, things are moving quickly and you need to keep up with them. However, in the offline world there is still a lot of use for those old techniques, I think.

    • Hey Ruth. I agree, the old techniques do work still. There’s certainly proof in that. Nothing can take the place of person-to-person relationships. I like both, but my preference is online b/c it’s so much faster.

      Have a great weekend!


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